Pod System Mesh Coil

Because the low nicotine contained in cigarettes is more harmful to the human body, Pod electronic cigarettes use a new nicotine salt technology to reduce the stimulation of nicotine on the human body.It can play a role in detoxifying cigarettes.
Pod electronic cigarette’s flue gas is close to the real cigarette.The integrated in the overall design and all combined into one are more substantial, coherent and luxurious.
The High-quality mesh coils focus on specific tasks to create a lot of clouds. The coil is designed for the best flavor and excellent steam production. Innovation changes the steam experience constantly.
There is striking technology, superb production technology and simple top refill design.
The size is same as pocket.It is convenient to carry around.It is designed cigarette holder ergonomically. It has a large battery capacity and long battery life.
Toggle the switch to start the device and enjoy the electronic cigarette.
There is a beautiful appearance and simple structure.
There are many colors suitable for different needs.
There is a wider mouthpiece allowing more air to be inhaled.

Post time: May-18-2020