Composition of cigarette oil

Although the taste of cigarette oil is ever-changing, the ingredients are almost the same. The e-cigarette smoke oil is mainly composed of PG, VG, flavor, nicotine solution and additives.
PG is a very widely used raw material that can be accessed almost daily in our daily lives. For example, cakes, hand sanitizer, lipstick,etc. The role of PG in cigarette oil is mainly to dissolve flavors, produce a certain throat sensation and dilute the viscosity of cigarette oil.
If you want to play with big smoke, VG must be indispensable, it mainly produces a lot of mist. However, VG has high viscosity and poor fluidity, so it generally needs to be diluted with PG and distilled water.
Compared with PG, general flavors and additives are difficult to dissolve in VG. VG is much softer than PG, and the smoke entrance is softer, but the effect of improving the taste of smoke oil is obviously not as good as PG.
The flavor determines the taste of a cigarette oil.The nicotine solution is one of the high-risk ingredients. As we all know, pure nicotine is highly toxic. It can cause poisoning reaction if it smells on the skin.
Therefore, only safer nicotine can be used for making smoke oil solution.

Post time: Jul-07-2020