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GOFORVAPE GFV was established in 2012, and specializes in developing electronic cigarettes and vape hardware for a healthier and better life throughout the world. We are growing rapidly and have developed a good reputation worldwide with our continuous powerful innovation, and outstanding customer service. We aim to bring better and healthier life options to the world. We highly value customer feedback, and incorporate your suggestions into our new products with our AI system datebase to specially design and develop unique products to suit each customers needs. We not only specialize in vaping products, but also customer service. We always put the customer first. We strive to develop lifetime friendships and long term cooperation with every partner. We go for each other, go for vape. With your feedback, support, and our team we will be No 1 in the world.


GOFORVAPE GFV from vision to reality . Discover how we launched the hottest new vape brand in under 90 days.


GOFORVAPE GFV was officially established to serve the medical and industrial fields.


Goforvape GFV moved into e-cigarette and OEM ODM for domestic and overseas brands.


GOFORVAPE GFV became the biggest OEM ODE manufacturer and prelliant partner in the e-cigarette field.


GOFORVAPE GFV acquired the U.S. brand goforvape to officially enter the e-cigarette market. Factory to customer with special care and design. The best quality to each customer. Leading the industry through innovative technologies and high-quality products, and leading the technical standards of the industry. At present, Goforvape GFV has more than 600 employees, over 50 R&D specialists, and over 20 customer service specialists trained in care and community outreach. We currently serve North America, Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and other Asian countries.

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Within 24 hours the website is flooded and a new lifestyle brand is born

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Boasting a team of vape industry R&D experts and supported by world class manufacturing GOFORVAPE GFV delivers.

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Strategic mindset and creative marketing extend our brand reach beyond the boundaries of the vape sector

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With world class logistics and a global distribution network your products are always in-store on time.

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It's what we do that our competitors don't that makes us a standout for distributors and retailers alike.

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